Certain Songs Remind Me

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Rock and Roll You Have Terrific Penmanship

When I was 12 my father had an amazing stereo.  I wasn’t allowed to use it but if I wanted a copy of a record I’d borrowed from a friend or of something he owned, I just had to ask.  I’d leave a blank tape and I’d get it back neatly labeled with the tabs pulled out.  Over the years I’ve lost those tapes but whenever I hear certain songs I think of my dad’s handwriting on the inserts, teaching me what he knew about music one precise letter at a time.

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3 responses to “Certain Songs Remind Me

  1. I think we had the same dad.

  2. Yeah, sounds like something my dad would have done. A very meticulous man, he is. He has every cd, tape, video and plant he owns labeled neatly.

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