June 1992

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June 1992

I had spent my morning going through a thrift store record bin before catching the train home. It was only an eight minute ride but it felt like an eternity because I knew I had found something important. In a paper bag held tightly to my side I held two records.  It was June 1992: that was the month I turned 18, went to the prom and graduated high school but the best thing that happened was finding Patti Smith Group’s Horses and Elvis Costello’s – My Aim Is True for 50 cents each.

Horses (Live)

Miracle Man



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3 responses to “June 1992

  1. James Rocchi

    In 1987, a friend of mine was choreographing a ski fashion show. One of the male models broke his leg, so she asked me to step in as clumsy walking mannequin and general help. “Before you go to work, buy a copy of Elvis Costello’s “My Aim is True,”” she asked. “I’m gonna do a sequence to “Miracle Man.” I’ll pay you back.” So there I was, siting in the parking lot at my Chinese food delivery job, in a freezing Canadian parking lot in my dad’s K-car five minutes before my shift, thinking “What’s this guy all about, anyhow?” and popping in the tape.

    I wound up being an hour late for my shift, because I had to listen to it twice.

  2. kim

    I love Elvis Costello. I love him hard. (Do you get “Spectacle” in your neck of the woods?)

  3. joannattison

    Hey! I didn’t know you went to the prom? Where’s my video…?

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