I’m a Radio Fancy Lad Now

What you need to know about this weekend:

1- My wife and I appeared on LAGenX Radio on Saturday and it went very well save for my brief outburst about who the inventor of the time machine gets to sleep with.  You can download the show as a podcast here.

2- Remember when I only owned t-shirts and a one shirt with a collar that I saved for special occasions?  Things have changed.  For reasons I don’t entirely understand, I purchased not one but two bow ties this weekend and one of them is not a clip on, it actually needs to be tied.  What am I going to buy next? I’m guessing an ascot or jewel encrusted monocle but I’m open to suggestion.  This is all part of my plan to dress like Mr. Peanut.



Filed under General Tomfoolery

6 responses to “I’m a Radio Fancy Lad Now

  1. Kerry

    A beret, perhaps?

  2. Have top hat will travel?

  3. kermit

    satin spats for your shoes, cuff-links

  4. kim

    A cane. A ridiculously ornately carved cane. You can twirl it.

  5. monocle! ive always wanted one.

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