Recovery Process

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Recovery Process

The doctors could correct the problem but not remove the fear that I’d never keep up.

On a spring day after surgery, braces and physical therapy allowed me to put one foot in front of the other like almost anyone else could, I made my way to where the kids played soccer at recess for the biggest step in the healing process. I threw my jacket to the ground and ran towards the ball for the first time in the eight years of my life.

The belief I was broken was replaced with the feeling I could fly.



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6 responses to “Recovery Process

  1. Liat

    That was a great story, and while I know I am going to get groaned at for this, I picture you running to the soccer field with the braces flying off much like Forrest Gump does when he is being chased by the bullies.

  2. betheboy

    Liat – I hadn’t thought of that but to be fair my braces were plastic and had already been removed before I tried to play. It’s a hilarious image though.

  3. Reminded me of the first time I ran after I re-learned to walk. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the ability.

  4. I heard “ruuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn Foooooorrrrrrrreesst” as I read this too.

  5. Then again, I’m kind of a dick.

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