She IS Much Smarter Than Me

Be the Boy has moved to Summer Blogging hours.  Details about this can be found hereHere’s another post in 100 words or less.

Last night I was sitting on the couch reading when I spotted my wife doing something unusual at the sink.  I stopped reading and asked:

Honey, what are you doing over there?

-I’m pouring whiskey into this soda can.

Don’t we own glasses?

-Yeah but this way I can have a drink without having to wash a glass.

Clearly I married someone smarter than me.



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6 responses to “She IS Much Smarter Than Me

  1. NovySan

    Next up, a funnel.

  2. Save water, pee on the lawn. No flush required! :)

  3. genius, i say. pure genius.

  4. Sundar

    And I get yelled at for eating a PBJ sandwich without using a plate.

  5. kim

    She needs to write a manual.

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