Free Advice Vol. 1

Be the Boy has moved to Summer Blogging hours.  Details about this can be found hereHere’s another post in 100 words or less.

Free Advice Vol. 1

It’s time I share some of the wisdom I’ve picked up over the years as my way of giving something back to you, the reader.

Here’s a lesson I learned many years ago.

A possible sign you’re in a bad relationship is when the person you’re with says:

“I have never been as attracted to you as I was when you hit that guy in the face with a bottle”

(I was recently reminded of this lesson by @bronwensaurus)

Stay tuned for more valuable lessons in the near future.



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4 responses to “Free Advice Vol. 1

  1. kim

    That seems like valuable advice and imagine the blog fodder if I ever need to use it…..

  2. JoAnnAttison

    You know it’s also going downhill when it resembles a Sex in the City episode. Do people really act like that?!

  3. Kerry

    You are a beast!

    What is that gay Mets blog again? Not much gaity in Metville these days.

    The Hold Steady saved me.

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