The Lesson of July 4, 1997

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July 4, 1997

She stayed outside when it rained on the Fourth of July until her hair was soaked so I followed her inside to lend a hand.  I was busy with the hair dryer and didn’t hear the knocking.  It was someone’s girlfriend at the door, specifically my girlfriend, who informed me that drying another girl’s hair during parties was taboo.  For years I thought that my then girlfriend overreacted but when I told this story to my wife yesterday she told me I was way out of line.  Lesson learned.



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12 responses to “The Lesson of July 4, 1997

  1. Jodie Gilbert

    Your wife is a wise woman. You might be a little marked by unaffected simplicity or maybe naive sounds better. Same thing. LOL!

  2. The only way I can see this working is that if she’s too dumb to come in from the rain, she’s too dumb to work a hairdryer?

    • I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look fowrard to reading more articles from you in the future.- Jack

  3. i honestly do not have any idea how i would react to that. i mean id probably dry my own hair were i the wet girl. i cant imagine my boyfriend even holding a hair dryer tho

  4. Taboo seems a bit much (unless the “hairdryer” was you blowing on her), but the situation does seem a bit odd. I’ve never been called upon to blow-dry anyone’s hair before.

    But maybe that just makes me less of a lothario than you, you sly dog.

  5. NovySan

    Social grooming is an intimate act. It forges bonds. That’s why primates do it. But group bonding isn’t sexual or couple bonding. What betheboy and wet girl (a new crime fighting team to be sure) felt was merely social bonding was interpreted by the gf at the time to be sexual bonding because her threshold and experiences were different. Neither in this case were “wrong.” There were merely differing definitions or tolerances and probably no prior case to have said differences discussed.

  6. Rich

    It’s a foot massage thing; ref. Pulp Fiction .

  7. I’m not sure why, but if I saw my boyfriend drying some broad’s hair, my stomach would flip a few times. And my wig would follow. I’d flip my wig, is what I’m saying.

  8. It’s suspect and would lead a girlfriend whose boyfriend did such a thing to at least wonder if she should start calling all the numbers on his black Motorola pager.

  9. The way I see this scenario being OK is if the girl was incapicitated such that she couldn’t move her ams and thus needed help. Then you would be the nice guy.

  10. My thoughts about these things is to imagine what I would feel like in the reverse situation. If I walked in on my girlfriend blow-drying another girl’s hair, I would think that was completely hot.

    Therefore she should think of me as hot whenever I pick up a blow-drying-machine-ish-thing. Whatever you call them.

  11. billy joel

    Clearly, she objected to a “blow job”‘s being transacted between the two of you.

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