A Good Day to Play Two

Due to budget cuts Be the Boy has moved to Summer Blogging hours.  Details about this can be found hereHere’s another story in 100 words or less.

A Good Day to Play Two

I left Shea Stadium between games of an August 1998 doubleheader but I had a reason.  After a week of cryptic, distant phone calls from LA she was coming home.  I tucked in my new unisphereplusshirt and straightened my tie as I arrived at LaGuardia Airport.

I knew what was coming when she didn’t make eye contact.  As we drove past the 1964 World’s Fair she said it was best for her if we ended things.  I felt dumb for dressing up to see her and dumber for leaving a perfectly good ballgame just to get my heart broken.



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4 responses to “A Good Day to Play Two

  1. midlifenatalie

    i just wanted to say that i LOVE summer blogging hours! since starting my new job i find that i don’t have as much time to read blogs. i am skimming some of my favorite bloggers which is something i thought i would never do. but you…you come up with this fabulous idea and i find myself reading your full post. sometimes i even read them twice because i have so much extra time! thanks!

  2. oh wait! i meant to comment as me, natalie. oh well. feel free to read the blog at http://www.midlifenatalie.wordpress.com as well if you are interested. i don’t think the link worked above.

  3. What a sad story. I hope it didn’t ruin Shea for you. I love Shea. I miss Shea. I don’t like Citi Field. I’m going there Saturday and I’m not that excited about it.

  4. JoAnn Attison

    A good woman would never ask you to leave in the middle of a ballgame. Especially at Shea.

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