Stop Crying and Blow Out The Candles

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Stop Crying and Blow Out The Candles

As a kid I wanted to have a birthday party but I was too shy to invite other kids. What if they said no?  What if my dad peed on the fence and everyone saw?

Out of fear or just circumstance birthdays were kept to family.  Since I came from a large family this was actually pretty great. Except for the year they forgot the cake and instead gave me a potato with a candle in it. Not a birthday candle, one of those dinner table candles.

Happy birthday, finish your potato.



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6 responses to “Stop Crying and Blow Out The Candles

  1. aliastaken

    You should retitle this to be a singular ‘candle’, since I can’t imagine they fit more than one of those bad boys on a potato…

  2. kim

    Was it at least baked?

  3. lisapotato

    I would love getting a potato but it had better be in addition to a cake, not instead!

  4. we did that to dylan too

  5. slackmom

    its the thought that counts

  6. JoAnn Attison

    As you can probably guess, I will almost never refuse a party. So if you had invited me, pigtails and all, I would have most certainly accepted your invitation.

    And since there is usually an Entenmenn’s cake in my hand when I arrive, I could’ve saved you from the potato fiasco.

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