I Know My First Name Is Fatboy

Due to budget cuts Be the Boy has moved to Summer Blogging hours.  Details about this can be found hereHere’s another story in 100 words or less.

I Know My First Name Is Fatboy

The second time someone tried to kidnap my brother and I it was 1983 and we escaped unharmed because we were unwilling to share.

When the driver offered us a cupcake to share if we got in the van we told him to come back when he had two cupcakes. We’d gladly get in a windowless van with a stranger but not for only half of a cupcake each.  We told him we’d wait for him to come back and for a third cupcake we’d get our sister, but he never returned.



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7 responses to “I Know My First Name Is Fatboy

  1. ::stands up while clapping::

  2. kim

    See! Greedy saves lives!! Sharing is soooo overrated.

  3. this is so hysterical i read it outloud to my boyfriend.

  4. Kidnappers need better plans, apparently.

  5. You’re right, this is an excellent title.

  6. Wow, perhaps if this was the second time you guys should have found a new place to play…..and it seems unlikely. I know from all of the stories I’ve read kidnappers only use candy. “wanna have some candy little boy?” See.

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