What It Was Like At Our House

Due to budget cuts Be the Boy has moved to Summer Blogging hours.  Details about this can be found here I was reminded of this 100 word story by a comment from Miss Grace, go check her out.

What It Was Like At Our House

One day my roommate had been in the shower singing a Dee-Lite song for 30 minutes.  I could no longer hold it in so I was peeing in a vase when the doorbell rang (we had flowers because my mother had been in town).  The doorbell rang a second time so I zipped up, put the flowers back in the vase, answered the door and signed for the delivery.  Then I forgot about the unfinished business for a few hours until my roommate’s date asked:

“What kind of flowers are these? They smell very exotic.”



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11 responses to “What It Was Like At Our House

  1. Angela

    I’d have to do some research on California law, but I’m pretty sure that singing “Groove is in the Heart” while hogging the facilities is punishable by a little flower peeing.

  2. I am SO glad I reminded you of this.

  3. So now not only will people now sit on our couch, they won’t stop and smell the flowers, either.

  4. What, you didn’t have a kitchen sink?

  5. I would really like a list of all the inappropriate places you have peed over the years.

    I realize it might take a while. I have time.

  6. slackmom

    did the liquid addition extend the life of the flowers or shorten it?

  7. kim

    Slackmom brings up an EXCELLENT question!

  8. betheboy

    They shortened the life of the flowers as I discarded them and washed the vase as soon as she left the room.

  9. i recently found a suspicious glass of almost clear water in the fridge, upon querying my children i discovered my five year old was playing a “joke”.

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