Knowing When To Say Goodbye

Another entry from my summer of 100 words or less stories.

Knowing When To Say Goodbye

I was working at a toy booth across from Orange Julius when the girl from the handbags section of the department store asked if she could leave her bag on the counter for a second.  We chatted and many months later I found the courage to ask her out.  For two dates all was fine but on the third date I accidentally peed on her fabric shower curtain.  After a few panicked minutes hoping she didn’t have to go I quietly excused myself from her house.  I decided not to call the next day.



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3 responses to “Knowing When To Say Goodbye

  1. aliastaken

    The juxtaposition of Orange Julias and peeing is just too much to bear…

  2. congo

    did you fuck her?

  3. I’m pretty impressed that you managed to get to a point where you were showering after just the third date. Unless you mean that you peed on her curtain from the vantage point of the toilet. In which case, maybe you should sit when you pee.

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