All The Futures $1.29 Could Buy

Due to budget cuts Be the Boy has moved to Summer Blogging hours.  Details can be found here but here’s another story in 100 words or less.

All The Futures a $1.29 Could Buy

When I told my wife I used to read Archie comics she laughed and asked why I didn’t read “real” comics.ArchieComicsLogo_sm(1)

I explained that at age ten I needed to escape but I was too much of a realist for heroics.  Super powers felt out of reach but driving a crappy car and having two girlfriends seemed reasonable enough.  At the time I would have settled for the car so I could as drive far away as possible.

I had very simple dreams back then.



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5 responses to “All The Futures $1.29 Could Buy

  1. If you really wanted Archie, and a “Real” comic. There was a cross over between Archie and The Punisher. I’m serious…

  2. newgyptian

    Loved Archies though I hated Archie. What a lame-o.

  3. kim

    Put in that context Archie really is “every man”!

  4. Paul L.

    Did you have that cool tic tac toe sign on the side of your head too?

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