How To Find Things

Due to budget cuts Be the Boy has moved to Summer Blogging hours.  Details can be found here but here’s another story in 100 words or less.

How To Find Things

My great grandmother gave directions in reverse so we’d know where not to go. She’d send me looking for things by saying:

You know the cabinet by the window? It’s not in there; look under the sink and you’ll find it.

The lesson here is that knowing where to go is important but knowing where NOT to go can help too.

I wish she lived long enough to meet my wife so she could have said.

You know the girl with the boots and the wine?  Stop looking; you found it.



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6 responses to “How To Find Things

  1. Aww. I wish my grandma would say that to me. :)

  2. Not that your longer posts aren’t great because they are, but your summer posts are really hitting out of the ballpark!

  3. I’m quoting that girl – you know, the one with the boobs and the wine? – when I say, “awwww!”

  4. I am pretty sure your grandma was whispering in your ear about the girl with the boots :)

  5. kim

    Favorite. Post. Ever.

  6. “The girl with the boots and the wine.” I love it.

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