Happy Birthday Kenny

This is my brother Kenny, he is the coolest kid I have ever known and today is his birthday.


One of my favorite things about Kenny’s birthday is that it means my birthday is less than two weeks away.  I remember having cake with him when he turned 7, it was 13 days before I turned 21.

Today, Kenny turns 21 but I doubt he’ll go on a drunken spree as he is dedicated to clean living ( in the picture above he’s pouring a soda), so please raise a glass of whatever your having to my brother.

Happy birthday Kenny!



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday Kenny

  1. Joseph J. Finn

    Happy birthday, Kenny!

  2. kim

    One triple shot latte hoisted for you Kenny!

  3. I’ve got a cup of tea. Happy birthday, Kenny!

  4. Happy Birthday Kenny! You must be one cool dude if your Birthday falls on June 5th. How do I know… Because today is also my Birthday! Happy Birthday to me!
    Have fun Kenny! Enjoy in moderation…

  5. Happiest of birthdays to you, Kenny!

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