The End Never Tasted So Sweet

Hard times require sacrifices and my blog is no exception.  Until further notice my storytelling budget will be limited to 100 words or less (not including this brief introduction).

The End Never Tasted So Sweet

According to Edgar Whisenant the world was ending that afternoon and Jesus was coming for the righteous.  Despite not being righteous or even religious we gathered together on that afternoon because Edgar Whisenant was a former scientist and probably knew about this sort of thing.  At best we could fool Jesus or at least be together when the end came.jesus_cake

An hour before the end my mom sent me to the store.

– Get cake but be back before Jesus.

Why face the rapture without cake?  Also, Jesus could have turned it into 50 cakes, but he never showed.



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8 responses to “The End Never Tasted So Sweet

  1. betheboy

    For the record the pic says “Sweet Jesus, It’s your Birthday” and was found here:

  2. kim

    Didn’t he realize that he was responsible for bringing the wine? That’s just rude.

  3. That cake has a leavening agent in it! It can’t be a Jesus cake. I mean, wasn’t he Jewish?

    Real repentance would have been some of those matzo crackers shmeared with the blood of the firstborn.

  4. Glenn B.

    Are we entirely sure the world didn’t end in 1988? It sure seems like 21 years of purgatory to me.

  5. Sarah

    Just read the wikipedia entry. It made me so sad.

    In entirely related news, you’ll be buying this book right? Thought I’d remind you…

  6. I’d totally eat that cake.

  7. boski93

    That cake looks quite sacrilicious

  8. quality programming for 8 year olds is what they must have been thinking when they showed us this:

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