Out In The Street

You probably know the summer blogging drill by now but I’ll repeat it just in case:  Hard times require sacrifices and my blog is no exception.  Until further notice my storytelling budget will be limited to 100 words or less (not including this brief introduction).

Out In The Street


The first time I ran away I only got 6 blocks from home but it was far enough to feel free.  I drank whiskey and swore I’d never go back but I only had to sleep on the sidewalk once before I regretted my decision.

When I made it back home someone was happy to see me but angry with me for worrying them.  I explained that I was 25 and capable of surviving without her.   We were both better off after this was proved to be true.



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4 responses to “Out In The Street

  1. The first time I ran away from home, I was six, and I ran to the backyard.

  2. Paul L.

    Nice job, man.

  3. Hahaha. That was charming. :)

  4. im really enjoying the summer blogging hours.

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