The Darkest Days of Bright Sunshine

Due to budget cuts Be the Boy has moved to Summer Blogging hours.  Details can be found here but here’s another story in 100 words or less.

The Darkest Days of Bright Sunshine

When she was diagnosed and decided against treatment I promised to visit.  On the last day of school she mailed me $10 with a note reminding me of my promise but I spent the summer avoiding her because I was only 12 and unable to control my anger.  I knew she was not responsible for the destructive and grotesque impulses of her adult child but I was young and unable to say goodbye without saying; “I wish this was happening to him instead of you.”  Instead, I held in my goodbye until she couldn’t hear me anymore.




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12 responses to “The Darkest Days of Bright Sunshine

  1. Karen - The Last Detail

    That is the deepest, darkest shit I’ve ever read on this site.

    And very beautiful.

  2. I love that you’re honest even when it might be easier (and safer) to lie, or just to keep your mouth shut.

    This is the kind of thing I meant when I told you that sometimes, you make me think.

  3. Tag

    No wonder you have 144,000 beautiful females following you around.


    seriously, cool post bro.

  4. deep and dark and real.

  5. The Demigod

    Unbelievably moving. Hard to believe that a hundred words could hold such malevolent beauty.


  6. I think we all wait too long at least once. I also think it always, even just a little, haunts us.

  7. That makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to forgive someone before it’s too late. As an adult I’m still finding it hard to let go of my anger.

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