Summer Blogging Is Now In Effect

Over in my part of the world things have taken a turn for the very busy lately so for the next several weeks Be the Boy will be moving to Summer blogging hours.

Summer blogging is like regular blogging but without so many pesky words.  The plan is to keep all posts around 100 words or less while still saying something meaningful.

Summer Vacation 1982

In June 1982 the kids in my second grade class began outlined their families’ summer vacation plans. Not wanting to be out done I told my class that I was going on a cross country journey that would involve camping, baseball games and Van Halen concerts.  In reality I only traveled one town over where I watched TV at my aunt’s house while my mother cut hair at a local salon.  Come September I was able to deflect questions about my summer thanks to my ability to mimic the voices in this awesome local public service spot:



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13 responses to “Summer Blogging Is Now In Effect

  1. Summer blogging hours might just be a stroke of genius.

  2. Brilliant!
    I know that commercial! I’ve got some tapes of cartoons from ~1985 & it’s in there. I thought my sibs & I were the only ones who could still sing the “chipmunk pills.”

  3. JoAnnAttison

    Wow! Can’t believe you FOUND that! I used to love that commercial.

    Oh… could explain how I ended up loving my Pharmacy Tech job….

    I also remember singing the theme song to “Greatest American Hero” in the school hallways at that time.

  4. Wow – that commercial is so sweet and innocent. The ones here in Australia are so graphic about drugs. Showing bulbous tumors wherever smoking can cause tumors (apparently everywhere).

  5. bongo

    You need to post a recent picture of your mom.

  6. I’m pretty sure I practice summer blogging year-round!

  7. Can I join you in summer blogging hours? Blogging is taking too much time away from my drinking.

  8. Summer of 1982 is when I made my appearance into the world in a suburb of Chicago. :)

  9. Holy Cow! They used to run that one in Maine too when I was a kid. I don’t think I comprehended what they were singing about at the time but I loved that commercial every time it came on

  10. Oh yeah. Something meaningful…that’s the point of blogging! And what I keep doing wrong. I, for one, am a big fan of the short post year-round.

  11. To you and the wife all the best this
    But as a person born in Scotland and
    now who lives In Canada.
    Must say don’t like the Sun a lot.

  12. Christina

    I have love and hate for that PSA. Love, because it reminds me of all the TV I watched as a kid (I still hanker for a hunk of cheese), but hate it because of Busta Rhymes “Dangerous.”

    Why, Busta… why?

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