This Has Been On My Mind For Days

Sometimes I notice people doing things I know they will someday regret.   I’m talking about things like this:

  • Getting a tattoo that requires more than 30 seconds to explain
  • Denying people basic human rights based on race, nationality or sexuality

When I see things like this I like to quote the great Todd Barry who once said: “Hey, you forgot to not do that”.



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8 responses to “This Has Been On My Mind For Days

  1. kim

    One of my tattoos requires far more than 30 seconds but it involved drawing straws with my family at my Grandmothers wake to see who would get the commemorative “grandma’s dead” tattoo so I think it’s ok…..
    as for prop hate- I’m embarrassed for the state of California. It’s completely fucking ridiculous.

  2. I’m stealing a joke from my mom here, but at least the Supreme Court gave a straight answer.

  3. Paul M.

    I so agree. Good post young sir.

  4. I heart you so much right now, W.

    So. Much.


  5. I once wanted to get a tattoo of a moonshine bottle doing stand-up comedy in front of a crowd of ducks with alternating neon bills but I never had the courage.

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