Write This One Down

When the story of my life is told there will a very brief chapter called “Funny Things I Have Said”.  I suspect it will be no more than half a page but it will include this gem I came up with last night.

After an bearded, tattooed LA hipster in an ironic tee shirt hurried past me at Dodger Stadium I turned to my wife and said: “Hey pal, where’s the Arcade Fire.”

I was so proud of myself over that one I didn’t even care that the Mets wasted a stellar outing by the corpse of Livan Hernandez and lost 2-1.



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14 responses to “Write This One Down

  1. Dear Mister Will: When did Hipsters start wearing beards? What is a “hipster” beard? And is my beard in danger?

  2. That’s a comment that would have made me spit out beer AND shoot a peanut out of my nose.

    Mind you, I enjoy Arcade Fire. But that’s one that will go in my “how to break the ice at a hipster party” book.

  3. betheboy

    Oslowe- A beard in and of itself is fine but in recent years it has become a sort of shorthand for young while men with an unearned sense of entitlement and a a desire to communicate solely though pithy remarks. I would not expect you to fit this stereotype.

  4. Paul L.

    Ehhhh… a *brief* chapter?

  5. betheboy

    Paul L. – Very brief as my legendary Laurel & Hardy impression does not translate to print well.

  6. I have a whole slew of ongoing hipster jokes. My favorite is the hipster scarf in 80 degree weather.

    I find myself thinking, “you little hipster shit.” Because we all know, if it’s truly hip, then you don’t even know about it.

  7. Behold – the Hipster Beard:

    Or, a rare variant of the Hipster Beard:

    Both via Look at this fucking hipster.com

  8. Oh the hipster beard is SO unfortunate. Very funny!

  9. An Arcade Fire is usually the result of a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

  10. Kerry

    At least your Mets got over at Fenway last night. Revenge for the Sox today!

  11. Yes, I’d say the Mets are still pretty much on fire these days. My Husband has been quite thrilled. As I write this, they’re beating the Nationals 5-2 in the 9th inning.

  12. k.

    I gotta say, if I’d made that joke, I’d be blogging about it, too. Good one~

  13. bongo

    You know what?

    Fuck hipsters.

    Fuck them right in their rosy, red rectums.

  14. Boski

    Genius good sir, genius.

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