Four That Got Away

Four of My Favorite Albums That I Inexplicably Do Not Own

Over years I have owned thousands of records and from time to time some of them have gotten lost, destroyed or given away.   Below are four records that I have loved and lost but for some reason never replaced.

1- R.E.M. – Reckoning

-What Happened: The dubbed cassette copy I got from my step dad at age 14 was destroyed by the cassette deck of my car 8 years later.

-Why I Haven’t Replaced It – Since I was in my car when it happened I drove straight to the record store to but a CD copy and found it was out of stock so I bought something else.  By the time I thought about replacing it again my feelings for the band had cooled considerably and when I want to hear them today I’ll go for Murmur and be satisfied.

2- The Jam – All Mod Cons

-What Happened: Left in car of a girl I was dating didn’t think to ask for it back before having the “I don’t think this is working” discussion.

-Why I Haven’t Replaced It – I gave her the best two and a half weeks of the late autumn of 1998 and she walked off with All Mod Cons, good riddance to them both.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything I need from this album on various compilations.

3- Neil Young – After the Gold Rush

-What Happened: Vinyl copy lent to Irish hobo, never returned.

-Why I Haven’t Replaced It – I hold out hope it will someday be returned to me.

4- Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

-What Happened: Double CD sold for $4 in the Ass Rock Purge of 1995. In retrospect I judged this one too harshly.  In the years since this is the only Zeppelin album I’ve ever thought I’d like to own again.

-Why I Haven’t Replaced It – Not willing to re-grow my teenage mullet and I suspect I might need it to truly enjoy Kashmir again.

I can think of at least a dozen more but if I ever find myself with extra cash and a desire to replace lost records these will probably be the first ones I go for.



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4 responses to “Four That Got Away

  1. NovySan

    RE: Kashmir

    I know you’re not a Zepplin fan, and being forbidden to listen to it growing up means I have no nostalgic associations, but this is a game I play whenever I fly Virgin America. Other airlines with seat back entertainment systems may be used, if they have access to these two songs.

    Right before take off, queue up Immigrant Song. When you hear the jet engines whine up and you start to actually move down the runway, hit play. The synchronicity of Plant’s intro vocals, the burning of 100’s of lbs of jet fuel, and the G’s of being pressed into your seat is indescribable. I defy you to not want to scream out, “Valhalla, we are coming!” as the wheels of the plane lift from the ground. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

    Next, at the end of the flight, when you hear the flaps deploy and they do the last pass through of the cabin to collect trash, queue up Kashmir. This one’s timing is not as essential, but when you feel the G’s in your stomach as you begin final descent, hit play. That soaring, crushing intro will be the perfect Entr’acte music to any new city your landing in, with the bonus of getting to listen to the rest of the song while all the sheeple jump up to grab their bags only to wait in the isle.

    You may of course substitute 2 songs of your choice for this experience, but I find these work well on an acoustically visceral level.

  2. id burn you the REM and send it to you but my burner died in a fire. and by that i mean i probably need to replace the drivers but dont know how.

  3. Don’t lend your albums to Irish hobos?

  4. Reckoning is a fine, fine album. I think my favorite R.E.M. album though is Life’s Rich Pageant. They are one of my all-time favorite bands.

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