In Praise of Daisy

Many of you know Daisy, the good, good dog that shares the house with The Slackmistress and me.  In case you’ve never met her, here is a picture.


It’s no secret that I love Daisy J. Dog but my wife and I frequently joke that Daisy stays with us only because we feed her.  This may be true but sometimes she does something that makes us think that maybe she cares about us just a little.  A few hours ago we had a minor earthquake, nothing serious but it gave the house a nice jolt.  As I called down the hall to make sure my wife was okay I scanned the room for Daisy and found her by the back door.  Daisy only goes to the back door when she thinks someone is coming in: She thought the earthquake was someone trying to get us and she was going to keep us safe…or she was checking to see if the earthquake had steak.

At the moment Daisy is sound asleep beside me but you can find her on Twitter @daisyjdog.

UPDATED: It looks like Daisy was on to something.  Look at the response she received on Twitter:




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4 responses to “In Praise of Daisy

  1. “Every [be the] boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one.”–Anonymous

    P.S. I love that photo of Daisy.

  2. So cute. If we had earthquakes in Arizona, Tweak would probably pee on the carpet and go burrow under my bedsheets.

  3. I heart your dog. (But not as much as I heart mine. Sorry.)

  4. What a brave puppy to face that earthquake for you.

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