Coming Soon: The Reigning Sound – Love & Curses

In the interest of saving time I’ll get right to the point.  The Reigning Sound may be my favorite band.  I’m not just talking about current bands, punk bands, garage rock bands or any other category you want to put them in; I mean favorite band ever.  You can name another band and I’m pretty sure I like The Reigning Sound more.

As you can imagine I was very happy to recently discover that they have a new record called Love & Curses coming out in July (UPDATED: According to semi reliable sources the release date has been moved to August 11th).  Some songs have already been made public and here’s a promo clip that may be the three best minutes of your day:

Full versions of the songs are posted here. The new record will be available from the fabulous In The Red Records.

P.S. – Dear Reigning Sound,  Please come to Los Angeles so I can see you.



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3 responses to “Coming Soon: The Reigning Sound – Love & Curses

  1. yes, you are right, these guys are amazing! thanks for sharing.

  2. fred dusable

    this is more second rate springsteenery. how can you not hear that? don’t like the original springsteen formula and i sure don’t want a copy of it.

    • betheboy

      Fred- do you normally seek out 5 month old blog posts to weigh in with an ill informed opinion or would you do this for new stuff too?

      If you don’t like it, buy something you like but act like you’ve heard music before you compare this to Springsteen.

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