Mom Says Don’t Waste Food

Since it’s almost Mothers Day I think it’s a good time to share an important lesson I learned from my mom about not wasting food.

It happened many years ago, it was probbly 1984, we were on our way to the Museum of Natural History in New York.  After a getting off of the Long Island Railroad we got bagels and my sister promptly dropped her’s on to the sidewalk, cream cheese side down.  Picking it up my mom was unfazed and said “You can still eat it, that’s only city dirt” before handing it back to my sister to finish.



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5 responses to “Mom Says Don’t Waste Food

  1. cttcjim

    we city folk have Superior Dirt, didn’t you know?

  2. Ew, gross. I mean, I can see maybe wiping some of it OFF first and then eating it (I hate to see food go to waste too) but… gross. Did your sister eat it? I don’t think I could have managed without throwing up.

  3. kim

    At least it wasn’t gum from under a table….

  4. That’s how you keep the immune system strong!

  5. Hey, if city dirt doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger….

    …or give you hepatitis.

    5 second rule doesn’t work on NYC kooties. You only get 2 seconds there.

    Happy Anniversary.

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