Coffee and Humility Revisited

Taking a moment to remember the best conversation I ever had with a Starbucks employee.  It started when she said:

You look so familiar

-Really? I don’t think we’ve met outside of this line…I was here last week

No…you look like an actor

-Oh, I’m not.  Hopefully you mean a talented and attractive actor

No, I was thinking of the other kind.  No one special

-Yeah I get that a lot.  You know, the old “You don’t look special” Well… thanks.

That’s me, no one special.  Thanks for puting me in my place.



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8 responses to “Coffee and Humility Revisited

  1. Wow I bet you tipped extra on that one.

  2. customer service is amazing.

  3. Mighty Hunter

    Well, I guess it takes one to know one.


  4. This reminds me of one of the times I was told that I look like Scarlet Johanson and when I lamented over my figure compared to hers I was told that no, “she was entirely average too!”

    Being average is a little awesome.

  5. Wow – that kind of ego boost for the price of a coffee!? What a deal.

  6. Lisa Potato

    I had someone say “You look like a bigger Tina Fey” and I just said “Yeah, I am taller than her”. Jerk.

  7. That’s….sort of awesome.

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