More From Our Glamorous Life

Today started out as a typical Sunday morning.  At 7:45 on Sunday morning, my wife was still asleep and I was watching a documentary on The First World War when @daisyjdog made it very clear that she wanted to go outside.

As I sat on the couch I had a decision to make: I could go into the bedroom and get my pants and shoes or I could take Daisy outside wearing just the underwear and t-shirt I had on.  Going to get my clothes would probably wake my wife up so I decided to just take Daisy out with what I had on, I figured she just had to pee and I’d be outside for about 30 seconds and then back in the house before anyone noticed.

Well Daisy had to do more than just pee and if you have a dog you know that taking care of doggie business requires finding just the right spot.  My plan to step just a few feet out the door and then get back in turned into an adventure that lasted several minutes and took me halfway down the street.  By the time Daisy finally found the right spot, several houses away, I could only hope that none of my neighbors were looking out the window.  Nothing says “The Good Life” quite like walking a dog without your pants on.  We are so classy.



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8 responses to “More From Our Glamorous Life

  1. Jim

    Dude, can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me. I always end up getting busted by the neighbor as she comes home from a night of horeing it up.

  2. Mighty Hunter

    I -wish- I was as classy as you. I probably wouldn’t even be wearing a t-shirt.

  3. bongo

    classy? or assy? (as in, showing it to everyone)

  4. I’m sure they were boxers, but it’s about a hundred times funnier (and classier) if you were walking the dog in tighty-whities.

  5. Never mind. My comment was left by Native Minnow! : )

  6. betheboy

    The boxers vs briefs question:

    Boxer briefs – all of the snugness of briefs with just a little extra cover.

  7. Paul M.

    Me, I love stories about World War I.
    The assassination of Franz Ferdinand
    of Austria, etc..

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