Two Places To Go

I had a story to tell today but I got sidetracked by an emergency vet trip for @daisyjdog (she is going to be ok).  The story I intended to tell will have to wait but in the meantime I’d like to introduce you to two blogs I think you’ll like. – Jason is a designer and all around super genius.  He posts smart and funny things that will make you wish you spent less time saying FAIL! on Twitter and more time looking for the solution. That’s a nice way of saying that Jason is the antidote to the insufferable portions of the internet.  I kind of know Jason but he is not paying me to say this. – Ramsey is a comedian and writer who will rarely refer to himself in the third person.  He is a very funny man.  If you read his blog and don’t laugh you are probably dead, Hitler or Zombie Hitler (and in that case nobody cares what you think).

I guarantee you will like these blogs or your money back.


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