A Few Notes From the Weekend

Who wants to know what we did this weekend?  We’ll I’m going to tell you anyway.

1- My wife and I were visited by the fantastic Leahpeah and her equally fantastic husband. It’s okay if you are jealous.  Their visit was a lot like the three wise men visiting the baby Jesus: They brought gifts, they had nice things to say about us and I think they rode donkeys to our house but they also might have taken a car.

2- I caught up with a very good friend on Saturday to catch some breakfast and NFL draft coverage.  He’s not a blogger so I can’t link to him but trust me, he’s a good, good man and it was great to see him.

3- On Saturday night,  my wife and I held our 40th weekly live chat show.  It was a breezy 75 minutes of talk in which we discussed:

  • The casting of a sitcom based on our lives
  • Bad places we’ve been found
  • Things you can’t say around your family
  • Lots of other things we’ll probably regret saying

Thanks again to everyone who joined us live.  As always, we appreciate you choosing to spend some time with us.  If you didn’t see it on Saturday night, you can catch watch it here.

We’ll be see you next week, at the usual time and place.

4- Later that night I discovered I was living with the Wenis Commissioner, AKA-The Queen of Spanking.

5- Finally, I spent a quiet Sunday at home with my wife and my dog.  I got some writing done but generally I spent the day taking it easy and simply feeling happy to be alive.



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2 responses to “A Few Notes From the Weekend

  1. I am, indeed, jealous. I loves me some Leahpeah.

  2. betheboy

    @Miss Grace We need to convince more of the internet to move closer to us so we can have them stop over.

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