Things You Can Learn Around Our House

One of the perils of marrying someone 6 months after you meet them is that nearly two years into our marriage we’re still learning things about each other.  For example, over the weekend my wife learned that at any given moment there’s a good chance I’m singing a TV show theme or commercial jingle to myself.  This came up a few days ago when we were about to do something we can’t talk about here.

Her: Are you humming the theme to National Geographic?

Me: No…I’d never do that.  It’s the theme to The Dating Game.

If you’re keeping score at home this translates to: I wasn’t thinking about the beauty of nature, I was thinking of game shows about dating.

Yesterday it was my turn to learn something about my wife.  On our way to dinner we got into a discussion about morality and violence.  All was going smoothly until we got to this part:

Me: I honestly don’t think I could kill someone for any reason.

Her: I would only do it if they hurt an animal.

Me: I can see that but I’ll bet that when it came down to it you wouldn’t do it.

Her: I’m certain I could do it.

Me: Can I pretend I didn’t hear that?

This translates to: Don’t even think of hurting our dog.


@slackmistress & @daisyjdog have each others backs



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3 responses to “Things You Can Learn Around Our House

  1. No woman would ever let anyone come between her and her dog. If things seemed to be getting serious with a boy, I’d let him know up front that if it comes down to choosing between him and my dog (who was 13 at this point), the dog will win. I was completely willing to get hit by a car/take a bullet/go ninja on anyone or thing that would harm my baby.

    I can’t speak for your wife, but I’m pretty sure that this is a standard reaction. It’s not to say she doesn’t love you lots (she was eating string cheese and walnuts for dinner in your absence!), but there’s a bond that builds between a woman and a dog that is completely unconditional and could cause a woman or a dog to behave in unusual ways if harm comes to one or the other.

    And in the Slackmistress’ defense, I’ve had the urge to grab a length of rope and choke animal abusers. Just because they don’t deserve a quick death.

  2. kim

    That is precisely why I have a girl crush on your wife.

  3. I was walking down the street and I heard the MASH theme song and recognised it. I was so startled by the realisation that I knew the MASH theme song that I then tripped over myself.

    Don’t mess with the puppy…I totally get that.

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