More Or Less a Good Thing

For the first time this decade I am not participating in a fantasy baseball league.  It was not an easy decision to quit the game and I worried that I would regret my decision.  Now that the season is underway I can tell you emphatically that I made the right choice.  Allow me to explain.

Since Giving Up Fantasy Baseball I Have NOT:

  • Watched a single inning of  a game I don’t care about
  • Worried about WHIP, VORP or OPS
  • Scanned injury reports
  • Gotten into an argument about a trade
  • Looked at a Triple-A roster
  • Missed it for a second

Since Giving Up Fantasy Baseball I Have:

  • Written more and written better
  • Enjoyed watching games just for the sake of watching then
  • Had more sex

This no fantasy baseball thing is turning out pretty well.  Sure I miss trash talking with the guys in the league but I think I made the right choice.  While it’s only been two and a half weeks I don’t think I’ll regret this decision at all.



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5 responses to “More Or Less a Good Thing

  1. Kerry

    You are missed. The Goiters are rocking the league but the victories seem less triumphant without your robotic presence. Couldn’t you still have sex and just watch the Statracker out of the corner of your eye?

  2. betheboy

    @kerry That’s why I used to leave my Blackberry next to the bed.

  3. I was always shocked that it was “fantasy” ANYTHING if there weren’t boobs involved.

  4. Kerry

    There were plenty of big boobs in our old league; all Will’s buddies from L.I., especially the infamous “Broccolli”

  5. Paul M.

    This kind of thing you had to go through reminds
    me of Walter Matthau in the movie I seen as a kid.
    The Bad News Bears.

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