People Ask Dumb Questions

Holy crap!  In less than three weeks I’ll be celebrating my second wedding anniversary.

Yesterday a well meaning person asked me the following question:

“So did you think it was going to last this long?”

Yes I did; that’s kind of the point of getting married.

Any other questions, dumb or otherwise?

P.S.If anyone has gift suggestions for a second anniversary feel free to share them. Also, if anyone is thinking of buying me an anniversary gift they needn’t bother, they have already given me one (unless it’s a pinball machine).



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7 responses to “People Ask Dumb Questions

  1. Two years is traditionally the cotton anniversary (who the hell came up with this shit?) so I suggest a t-shirt or a nice set of dish towels.

  2. kim

    An empty “50th anniversary” photo frame. Tell you can’t wait to fill it.
    (yeah, I’m good at this shit)

  3. But did you think it was going to last THIS long?


  4. Paul M.

    I think it was Miss Manners that said 2nd wedding
    anniversaries gifts should be: cotton (or calico)

  5. slackmom

    I would suggest [and this is just a suggestion] – a two year old bottle of good wine or beverage of your choosing, two chilled glasses and two chocolate bon bons – and some mood music –

  6. Congratulations! If the 2nd anniversary is cotton then my suggestion is high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, crisp and warm out of the dryer. Comfy!

  7. Sue

    Since other people are suggesting cotton (specifically sheets), please allow me to plug my Bed Hog His & Hers Sheets ( They’re bedsheets with a line down the middle, to keep people on their own side of the bed :) They make a great anniversary gift, and at 300 thread count, they’re really good quality. Thanks!

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