Missed Chances

Over the weekend I felt  a sudden urge to get a tattoo and, thanks to the good people of Twitter, I was quickly talked out of it.  Thanks internet, you guys are awesome.

Now don’t get me wrong, tattoos are awesome but I’m going to be 35 in June and before yesterday I had never seriously considered getting one.  After a stern talking to by the internet I realized that 35 is not too old for a tattoo but it is too old for me to get one for the first time.  The tattoo ship has sailed without me and I’m okay with that.

Apply the first tattoo/age logic I think it’s safe to say I’m also too old to be trying the following things for the first time:

  1. Starting and/or joining a gang
  2. Write any type of fan fiction
  3. Become a Juggalo
  4. Enjoy a Star Wars movie

I guess I’ll have to find something else to do now that I’m a grown up.

For the record it was going to be a Slackmistress tattoo.



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17 responses to “Missed Chances

  1. I disagree. In all seriousness, it’s not too late to get a first tattoo, but I do recommend thinking long and hard about it. I waited several years for my first one, which I got when I was about 35. I figured that if I still wanted it after over three years of thinking about it, it was the right design to go for.

    So, I wouldn’t discount it yet, but yeah… give it more than a weekend’s thought.

  2. betheboy

    Remember Dan I’m only speaking for myself here. I’ve just never been one who wanted tattoos, or the other things, except for the gang part.

  3. Well, I think you can form a gang, too. Just remember, that having a gang means you have to occasionally spill alcohol on the ground, and I’m not sure if Nina will approve of such behavior.

  4. kim

    What’s a juggalo? Can a girl be one? I’m older than you but I think I could still make an excellent juggalo if I tried really hard.

  5. vintagecaveman

    I still say you should get it.

  6. betheboy

    Yes Kim you can. But read here before you decide http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juggalo

  7. While I’m all for tattoos, never–NEVER–get a name tattooed on your body. If it’s your sweetie’s name, it’s like a death sentence to the relationship. If it’s your child’s name, it’s just tacky and your kid will hate you for it when he/she is a teen.

  8. kim

    Holy Mary mother of dog! I HATE CLOWNS!!!!! I will not be a juggalo.
    (Now what the hell am I supposed to be when I grow up???)

  9. hm…too old for tattoos? i say never! something i’ve discovered about life in the past couple of years is that it is rarely too late to do something or try something new. i put off doing things that sounded interesting to me because i didn’t have time for them. i was too busy being a mom to 4 kids to take drum lessons, get a tattoo, or do much else for myself. at the time i didn’t even realize i was doing it so much. i know that my kids are important and i’m not saying i should have been selfishly being me and ignoring them. i just shouldn’t have let me slip away so much.

    oh and i got my tattoo in 2007. i was 38. i was in france away from my family and just went for it. i haven’t regretted it at all.

    next up…drum lessons. well as soon as i find some money around here…

  10. Dylan

    1. Depends on when you learn to dance, and snap your fingers
    2. Never
    3. Never
    4. Birth

  11. I think 35 is the perfect age to be enjoying star wars … But what do I know?

  12. Er…I should add, I am 23 and have never gone bowling and think its too late to start.

  13. betheboy

    @Deidre Bowling isn’t so bad but you’re not missing anything amazing.

  14. I had to refer to your wiki-link to “Juggalo” and now I’m fascinated. All one has to do to become one is wear face paint to concerts and drink Faygo? Hrm.

    Still, I think I”ll pass.

  15. juggalos scare the fucking crap out of me.

  16. Kerry

    I agree about the Juggalos. We had a few in our neighborhood and they almost gave my dog a cardiac arrest (me too). They were all crammed into a small car as we strolled by. I suppose I should have made the happy connection to that classic clown gag but the vibe was more like a Stephen King story come to life.

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