The Show Will Go On After I’m Gone

My bags are packed and I’m heading for home.  For the next few days you can find  me around Long Island and New York City catching up with family, friends and The Mets.  There’s one place you won’t find me though and that’s on the the weekly live chat show that my wife and I put on every Saturday.  However, the show will go on without me.   

The Slackmistress has replaced me with a new co-host, she says it’s only for one week but I’m not so sure.   The guest host, Oslowe, brings the funny and then he brings it some more, by the time the show is over you won’t even remember me.

The show starts at 8:00 pm Pacific time at and lasts as long as it needs to (probably about an hour and a few minutes).



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5 responses to “The Show Will Go On After I’m Gone

  1. Paul M.

    Hope you have a safe trip.

  2. kim

    During the entire broadcast I promise to chant “WILL! WILL! WILL!”

  3. I’m really disappointed your didn’t live-blog our event.

  4. The Girl

    The guest host kinda reminded me of you, only waaaaaaaaaaaay better. He seems smarter, is better looking and probably funnier than you, overall. Yeah, you were right, ya suck.

  5. Hey, hope you’re enjoying your trip! The Husband couldn’t get tickets to Mets Opening Day, much to his depression. All he could find were tickets in the upper deck for $300! But then when they lost, he was a little relieved that he hadn’t sprung for those tickets. We’re used to the Mets’ breaking our hearts.

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