Things You’ll Find Me Doing in the Next Few Days

  1. Rushing to get things done
  2. Sitting nervously in an airport on Wednesday night wishing @slackmistress and @daisyjdog were with me
  3. Arriving in New York
  4. Wondering if 7:00 AM is too early for pizza
  5. Having the first of 2 dozen cups of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee
  6. Tuning in to WFAN getting quickly annoyed and changing to WFMU
  7. Revisiting places of historical importance, like this house
  8. Wondering if I’ll ever live in this place again
  9. Shopping for 3-Packs
  10. Heading here for a blog nerd meet up Thursday night
  11. Stopping at this place to catch up with many people I haven’t seen in far too long
  12. Spending time with my mother, father and the rest of the family
  13. Telling my grandmother I couldn’t eat another bite and then doing it anyway
  14. Promising that it won’t take me two years to get back home

*Note to my siblings – I guess we know who dad likes best now.



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15 responses to “Things You’ll Find Me Doing in the Next Few Days

  1. 7am is not too early for real NY pizza.

  2. leylabot

    dude, 7am is NOT too early. mmmmmm

  3. as long as Fancessa isn’t on WFAN shouldn’t be too annoying.

    wish i could meet up with you on Thursday but i have my birthday dinner to attend… i’d blow it off but i’m a pretty big fan of presents.

  4. NovySan

    There is never a “not time for pizza.” It is always time for pizza if the Universe offers. It is still time for pizza even if you just had or are having some. That, in fact, makes it “time for MORE pizza,” which is the only thing printed on the dial of the clock in my soul. (Although the second hand is shaped like a martini glass and occasionally points to burritos and short rib grilled cheeses from across the room.)

  5. Joseph J. Finn

    Right, like you can find pizza in New Jersey & New York. Flat bread with tomato sauce on it, maybe. ;)

  6. betheboy

    Hey Joseph, play nice.

  7. exactly what i do when arriving in ny! pizza n dunkin donuts!!

  8. betheboy

    @Valerie – I’ll probably get a bagel too.

  9. #15… me too! but replace “father” with “mother”.

  10. betheboy

    @Jules, I’ll have to find out where I’m sitting and see if I can get over to say hi.

  11. Mmmm Dunkin Donuts coffee. As far as I can tell, that is the ONE drawback to my plans to relocate to California.

  12. i hope you have a blast!

  13. Joseph J. Finn

    I’m still amazed that there are places without Dunkin’ (my sister has the same problem in Minneapolis). They’re on every other corner here in Chicago.

  14. you sure know how to have a good time.

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