Looking Back

Recently I was digging through the archives of this blog looking for a story about my brother when I stumbled upon something I wrote the day after I met my wife for the first time. As some of you may know, the first time we met it was in no way a date, but I wrote this the next day:

I met The Slackmistress last night. I’m not sure that I can describe her in a way that does her justice, because she’s just delightful. For a while I have read her site and been aware of her through the Internet but that doesn’t come close to painting the picture. Imagine for a second that you’re a kid again and it’s a holiday. In the morning you see a big present with your name on it but you can’t open it until it gets dark so you wait all day and wonder what it could be. Well if when you open the present it’s everything you wanted and more, your present would be the Slackmistress.

Two and a half years later I stand by that assessment. You can read the entire post here.



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6 responses to “Looking Back

  1. stupormom

    i remember when you first met her! i remain thrilled for you guys :)

  2. Such a lovely thing to say about your lovely wife.

  3. WE should have published the stalker poem in our wedding program!

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