Skeletor and My Wedding Ring

Since mid January I’ve been on a health kick, it started with eating better and then led to daily exercise;  after about two and a half months I’ve dropped 20 pounds.  This is awesome, but there is a downside.  Yesterday I reached into my pocket for my phone and my wedding ring slipped off of my hand.   To prevent this from happening again I’ve been walking around with my left hand help up and clenched into a fist.  I look like the angriest married man who ever lived.  Throw in the fact that I’ve lost a chunk of weight and I’m essentially a hood and chest plate away from looking like this:


Oddly enough this is not the first time Skeletor and my wedding ring have come up on this blog, see here for details.

I need to figure out a way to keep this from happening that does not involve getting fat again.



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9 responses to “Skeletor and My Wedding Ring

  1. You can have the ring resized, but meanwhile, you can get a ring adjustor (also, sadly, called a “ring snuggie,” or so the Googles tell me):

  2. It’s also just occurred to me that if you want to do it old school, yarn (or a repurposed friendship bracelet) might do the trick. I’d advise against bubblegum – it might attract ants.

  3. When this happened to me, I wore it on first my index finger, then my middle finger. Then I got it resized.

    Getting it resized is a good incentive to not gain the weight back!

  4. kim

    tape will work in a pinch & won’t wreck the ring. just wrap a small strip around the back about a zillion times (or until it fits, whatever) then GO GET IT RE SIZED because I’d hate to see one of your lovely wife’s boots uncomfortably high up your ass.

  5. Lizet

    I agree with those above who said get it resized. the tape thing also works too. but it’s best for it to be resized

  6. Aaaaaand how many blueberries have you eaten lately?

  7. Resize. Yes.

    Congratulations on losing the weight. :) I assume you feel a little better for it. I know I don’t feel any better for working out, but I DO like scoping myself out in the mirror from time to time.

  8. congrats on the weightloss. youre going to want to get that puppy resized. or you know wear it on a chain around your neck so it will look like you’re going steady with yourself.

  9. You could get a gold chain and wear it around your neck like a high school girl wearing her boyfriend’s class ring.

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