The Shortest Story I’ll Ever Tell

On a Spring night in 1980 my dad brought his Camaro to an easy stop at the curb.  While the car was still running I unbuckled my lap belt but as I reached for the door handle my dad stopped me and pointed to the 8-track player:

“We don’t get out until the song ends”

“But they’re waiting for us”

“They’ll wait until the song ends”

Whenever I feel like I don’t understand my father I remind myself that at our core we’re the same person.

(For the record it was Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band’s Live Bullet in the tape deck.)



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9 responses to “The Shortest Story I’ll Ever Tell

  1. i do the same thing to my kids – even though they are strapped in car seats, they need to know the value of the whole song experience.

  2. My last car had this great feature that let the stereo stay on after you turned the car off, until you opened the driver’s door.

    My kind of family values!

  3. kim

    My Mother sang Christmas carols in the car- all year long. Wanna trade?

  4. Good thing your dad liked rock music.
    Mine liked to put in definitive articles in the wrong place: “Is this the Pink Floyds? You like them better than Clash?”

  5. slackmom

    surprisingly or not – i do that a lot with bob segar too –

  6. have to believe that you made him proud to have you as his son.

  7. I used to beg my parents to do that, especially when I was about 3 and my favorite song was Another One Bites the Dust. They didn’t get it.

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