Chat Recap #36 – And the Winner is….

On Saturday night,  my wife and I held our 36th weekly live chat show.  This was a special show because we we announced the winner of our BeTheMarriage Guest Host Contest but before naming the winner we discussed:

  1. Why Earth Hour is great for people who like to help as little as possible.
  2. The ridiculous and shoddy way our kitchen sink was replaced.
  3. What we found in a trunk (Hint: it was very creepy)
  4. Lots of things we’ll probably regret saying

Finally we got around to naming a winner, the esteemed Oslowe who submitted a video that was just the right mix of intellectual and trashy.  Oslowe will be filling in for me while I’m in NY on Saturday April 11th.  We think he’s going to do a great job in my absence.   His video and many other outstanding entries can be seen at my wife’s blog.

If you didn’t see it on Saturday night, you can catch watch it here.  You can also see previous shows in the archives at the show page.

Thanks to everyone who watched live.  As always, we appreciate you choosing to spend some time with us.  We’ll be see you next week, at the usual time and place.


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One response to “Chat Recap #36 – And the Winner is….

  1. I missed the show on Sat., will have to watch the recap.
    Excited for you, getting to go home for a visit!
    So do this mean you wont be in town on the 8th for my visit to the City of Angels?

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