Happy St. Patrick’s Day (and a Show Recap)

Hey it’s St.Patrick’s day…I dated a girl once who was extremely proud of her Irish heritage, and by extremely proud I mean annoying as hell about it.  According to her, every significant innovation in the world was based on or stolen from Irish culture.  And I mean everything…baseball, porno, free hot wings…all Irish.  One day at a museum I had enough, I explained calmly that I wanted to enjoy the exhibit of Japanese art without having a discussion about the IRA and if she could not afford me this courtesy I was leaving.

Needless to say it was a nice drive home.

On an unrelated note,  my wife and I held our 34th weekly live chat show on Saturday night.  We got a late start but we still managed just over an hour of discussion covering topics like:

  1. Getting marriage advice from a tax professional.
  2. How I became a fancy lad.
  3. Creating a religious themed pro wrestler.
  4. Why we are still not wealthy.
  5. Disagreements about classic movies.
  6. The usual filth and fury.

If you didn’t see it on Saturday night, you can catch watch it here.  You can also see previous shows in the archives at the show page.

Thanks to everyone who watched live.  As always, we appreciate you choosing to spend some time with us.  We’ll be see you next week, at the ususal time and place.



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2 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day (and a Show Recap)

  1. hey did you know fuckpants is an irish saying?

  2. dvl

    ….fancy lad… me likey.

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