Kicking Ass in 2009

Back in January I posted a list of my goals for 2009. This morning I checked my progress on my goals and realized that in just 70+ days I have accomplished, or made significant progress on all of them.

Here are the goals I listed in January with progress updates in bold.

Skip Fantasy Baseball – I love baseball and I have enjoyed playing fantasy baseball for many years but I should be using some of the time I spend following a fantasy team doing other things.  If someone wants to pay me to write about baseball I’ll reconsider but most likely this won’t happen.  In order to attempt to write a book I need time to get it done and that will require me to rearrange my priorities.  When I make list of “time consuming things I can do without and still live a fulfilling life” fantasy baseball tops the list.  My wife doubts I will stick with this resolution but I think I can do it.

Update: The baseball season is three weeks away and I have not joined a league for this year. Despite the fact that I will miss playing the game, I am dedicating the time I’m saving to writing more.

For the 35th Consecutive Year Buy Zero Billy Joel Records: Actually I’d like to step up this goal by not hearing a single Billy Joel song but that may be asking too much. I know that some readers of this blog like Mr. Joel and I’m not knocking their taste in music, I understand the appeal but I just can’t get into him myself.  This is because I grew up on Long Island, not far from where Mr. Joel grew up and as a result have heard enough Billy Joel for my entire life.  I like a nice pop song as much as anyone but I don’t like being told I HAVE to like a song just because the singer/songwriter is from the same geographic area as me.  Twisted Sister and Pat Benetar are from Long Island but no one from my hometown ever gets upset when I don’t listen to them.  For my Long Island music I’d rather listen to the Velvet Underground (3/4 of the band was from Nassau County), De la Soul or Public Enemy.

Update: 2009 has been completely Billy Joel free.

Drink less Coffee: By extension I’d also like to spend less money on coffee.  I love coffee but I drink entirely too much of it.

Update: Coffee consumption has been cut in half while coffee spending has been cut by 75%.

Stay Out of the Hospital: I spent way too much time in the emergency room in 2008 and spent a week in the hospital following surgery.  My body and wallet can do without this.

Update: Hospital free since November 08.

Be Less Fat: I am in pretty good shape but I could stand to lose a few pounds.  I just weighed myself and I am about 10 pounds above the ideal weight.

Update: I actually undersold how overweight I was but I am now 15 pounds lighter than I was on January 17th.

Visit My Family and Friends in New York: I haven’t made it home since late 2007 and I need to get back home soon.

Update: I’ll be home on Long Island (and maybe in NYC) April 9-14.



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14 responses to “Kicking Ass in 2009

  1. im happy this year is going well for you so far, you deserve it!

  2. I am proud of you. Also, I need to catch up!

  3. 15 pounds!!! Jeez.

    Your mention of baseball reminded me that I read a book that SO reminded me of you. It’s not really about baseball, but anyway, I think you might like it, when it comes out. It’s called Everything Matters! I think the author’s name was Currie.

    Anyway, good job. I’m very impressed.

  4. Kerry

    Listen, dude, staying out of the hosptital, reducing fatness and laying off the cigs are all great. But this fantasy baseball boycott is madness. It is simple fun. It won’t kill you. Maybe you could simply play casually and avoid obsessive behavior. You’d probably do better if you check it once a week anyway. Write… Exercise… Save the world, but for God sake’s don’t miss out on the joys of statistics and hunches.

    Your invitation to join The Husky Middle Relievers has been sent. Do not delete it. Get yer ass in and bring Big Gay Uncle Bob as well.

  5. Josh Wilker

    I’ve also been on the fence about fantasy baseball this year for similar reasons. I almost joined yesterday during a moment of boredom, but I ate a little vending machine bag of chocolate chip cookies instead.

  6. Your overachievement is humbling to me. Keep up the progress!

  7. kim

    Thanks for that- you just reminded me that I forgot all of my goals for 2009.

  8. Kicking ass and taking names, that’s what I like to see.

  9. Coffee consumption has been cut in half while coffee spending has been cut by 75%.

    how is this mathematically possible, unless you’re getting other people to pay for your coffee?

  10. vintagecaveman

    You had to be a big shot. Didn’t you? (That’s a Billy Joel song, right?)

  11. betheboy

    @Kermit – Because I switched from buying coffee on the way to work to making it at home.

    @VCM – Well played sir.

  12. pacolongisland

    Looking forward to your visit to LI and catching up.

  13. seriously impressive. congrats on the billy joel situation. I never really make long term goal lists but maybe someday…
    so i actually made a video submission but can’t find anywhere to download it, apparently it is too large (hah!) for normal sites and when I put it on google it went about 50frames a second. sooo, if you have any suggestions I’ve love to know, otherwise I think I’ll investigate a little and see what I get.

  14. unless you live on a coffee plantation or won a free lifetime supply of coffee beans, i’m pretty sure you still have to buy the coffee to make it at home. yes, it’s cheaper, but it’s still money.

    also, i think i may have solved your guest co-host problem: get daisy to do it. or set up the camera to record your hobos and play the recording at your usual time, with voice over narration.

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