Stop Being Such Divas

Recently, my wife and I we announced that we were having a contest to select a temporary guest host for our weekly live chat show.  Since I’ll be gone on Saturday April 11, we’ll need someone to keep my wife company on the couch while she talks about stuff.  The guest hosting responsibilities include:

1- Sitting

2- Talking

3- Not peeing on the couch

In order to make sure that potential guest hosts had the sitting and talking requirements down we asked that those interested in guest hosting create a short video and post it for us to see (we’ll just hope you meet the third requirement).  In the week and a half since we announced this, many people have expressed a desire to guest host but only a few of these people have actually submitted the video.  Many potential guest hosts have actually said to us:

“I’d like to be your gust host, but I don’t want to make a video”

Really people, you think you’re too good for us?   Is the video requirement really asking a lot?  I don’t think so.  If we can sit in front of a camera and talk for 90 minutes without a script, you can record 30 seconds of video.  As soon as we see it you can delete it.

As a reminder, this is who you get to host with while I’m gone:


(Photo by Dan Spisak)

Here are the rules again:

I will be in New York on Saturday April, 11 and The Slackmistress will be broadcasting in LA without me.  We think it would be fun to have a guest host take my place for a night (just on the show, not for any of the nekkid stuff…although this is really my wife’s call).  SO if you’re interested in guest hosting here is what you have to do:

Create a video and tell us about it.

Your video can tell us why you think you’d make a good guest host, or it can be your best impression of my wife and or me.  Just post the video and and tell us where we can find it.  Keep in mind that we are in Los Angeles and we have no travel budget.  Our guest host will probably be local or wealthy but we’re putting together a prize package for the best out of town entry.  You have until March 25th to submit your video to so get to work.

If you have any questions, let me know.  Archives of or weekly chat shows can be found here.



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10 responses to “Stop Being Such Divas

  1. Angela

    Hey, I’m not being a diva…in fact I was thinking of extending my LA trip an extra few days so I could be considered for this esteemed position, but unfortunately a family obligation means I have to be back in Jersey by April 9th. Otherwise I would have been your first applicant. Though possibly it’s for the best — I don’t know if the internet could handle the ferocity of me and The Slackmistress teamed up.

  2. but will, I’m not a diva, I just don’t have the means to record 30 seconds of video. maybe 15 seconds on my cell phone tops. i suck. :) and webcams make me look fat.

  3. Damn your anemic travel budget!

  4. i’m sorry, but why are you pissed,exactly? if people don’t submit a video, you don’t consider them as a potential guest host. sounds pretty simple and straightforward.

  5. You’d think so, Kermit, but there have been multiple comments an emails with people saying that they’ll do it, but they don’t audition after we announced the contest (and the rules.) Which is why Will is making it clear that those people will not be considered.

    Of course no one has to do a video. We’re glad that people watch the show, but making a point of saying “I don’t audition” says to me “I think I’m better than you” or “I think I’m better than someone in your audience who’s doing a video.”

  6. Nomi

    You forgot 4- consumption of cocktails. Although, that’s not exactly a requirement… more like a benefit.

  7. betheboy

    Consumption of FREE cocktails.

  8. exciting. If they let you… you should post the submission videos, that sounds like a pretty good time.

  9. I am (proudly) A Diva.


  10. I’m so doing this because there’ll be booze and Nina and since my name’s Will you don’t have to change the marquee and stuff. That is if you have a marquee and stuff.

    Really lame video forthcoming. Prolly made all stream-of-self-consciousness and unsteadycam like from the saddle of my bicycle riding home this afternoon.

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