The Betheboy No Smoking Section

365 days ago I woke up at 4 in the morning with a pain I couldn’t explain.  I had been hurting for a few weeks but I kept finding reasons not to do anything about it.  On this morning though, something was seriously wrong but I was determined to walk it off.  I got out of bed, walked into the living room and lit a cigarette.  I didn’t like having the urge to smoke when I woke up and I wanted to stop but I didn’t have a plan to quit yet.

After finishing my smoke I woke up my wife and we went to the hospital where I stayed for 6 days (the full story is here).   After 6 smoke free days I decided to see how long I could go without picking up the habit again.  As of today I’ve made it a full year.

UPDATED: For comparison, here are photos of me as a smoker and as a non smoker.


I took the money I saved from not smoking and bought this suit (I already owned the map):




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24 responses to “The Betheboy No Smoking Section

  1. Mazel tov! Your lungs must be so happy these days.

  2. I hope you make it another. And another after that.

  3. So awesome! You can keep it going too!

  4. I am telling you, giving this quit smoking for good plan away for free is a mistake. You could be making money!

  5. kim

    Am happy for you (and jealous as hell) No one will volunteer to tie me to a tree and leave me there for a month while I detox from them. There all pansy ass over the whole kidnapping & forceable confinement thing.

  6. betheboy

    @ Kim – tell them they only have to tie you to a tree for a week.

  7. Will,

    Awesome victory. Congrats.

  8. kellye

    Good for you! I wish you many happy anniversaries of this achievement~

  9. oslowe

    Like Steve Railsback once told me: “quittin’ heroin was easy, but cigarettes is hard,”

    Obviously Steve didn’t have any Appendix issues.

  10. I’m pretty sure that if I were physically restrained for a week or two and kept from my smokes, I’d quit, too. And don’t let that be an idea for anyone reading this!

    I can’t quit my smokes or my black tar heroin.

  11. kim

    Is ok Loss- Heroin is still socially acceptable.

  12. betheboy

    Kim is correct, heroin is still cool.

  13. Efren

    Ha, I like the comparative pictures! Nice suit, by the way.

  14. Will,

    I will echo the sentiments of everyone else: truly, good for you, and keep it up. I, however, am not winning the battle against the cigarette. I am often told by strangers on the street that I should quit smoking, and I think that’s because they probably think I’m 16, but even so: they’re right. They’re nosy and annoying, and I think my mom is paying them to follow me, but they’re right.

    Care to share anything you found helpful in continuing to quit (I’ve started to quit at least seventy times) after you left the hospital?

  15. betheboy


    I started smoking when I was 13 and quit when I was 33, in between I tried many times without success. So what was different this time?

    It helps that I had a 6 day forced detox while in the hospital but once I got home I was on my own. I chewed a lot of gum and tried to keep busy but the biggest difference was just that I was finally ready to do it. After I spending the first 30 something years of my life being a jerk I realized that I needed to live life right and be a better person. With this change came a desire to kick bad habits in an attempt to actually live a while longer. It was not easy but it can be done.

  16. Cathy

    I started smoking when I was 13 too. I quit when I was 35. The motivation this time — and it seemed to work — was that I finally had people in my life that I wanted to be alive and kickin’ for….

    P.S. I also got morning sickness and the smell of smoke made me vomit for three months.

  17. you know im an asshole because i like to smoke but im not addicted. i seriously will buy cigarettes for like two months straight and then not smoke for six months and not even think about it. its just something i like to do sometimes. i am an asshole. :)

  18. betheboy

    @discotrash – you know I like you but yeah you are.

  19. kim

    @discotrash. You are an asshole! Damn you! I have spent my entire adult life longing to be able to be a “part time” smoker.

  20. Yay, you! I remember having that talk with the doctor about whether you’d need the patch or not.

    Alas, I am also a part-time smoker, But I try to never smoke in front of Will. I can’t remember the last cigarette I had…

  21. It’s still an on again/off again battle for me. I’m like discotrash, though. I can smoke through a few packs, then just not smoke for long periods of time. More of a stress + boredom thing than an addiction anymore.

    Still…keep it up, Will. Suit up!

  22. vintagecaveman

    That is one classy suit.

  23. Ooh gosh i just typed a long comment and when i hit reply it came up blank! Please please tell me it worked right? I do not want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog bugged out or i am an idiot, the latter doesnt surprise me lol.

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