We Need a Guest Host – Will It Be You?

On Saturday night  my wife and I held our 32nd weekly live chat show.  We covered some of our favorite topics, including:

  1. Our upstairs neighbor’s creepy conversation with my wife
  2. Why our lives are changed by elderflower liqueur
  3. Fancy suit wearing
  4. Why I’ll be going to New York in April
  5. Revisiting the three classes of pornography
  6. A Vintage Caveman intervention

If you didn’t see it on Saturday night, you may want to catch it in the archives at the show page.

There was one more thing we discussed last night.  I will be in New York on Saturday April, 11 and The Slackmistress will be broadcasting without me.  We think it would be fun to have a guest host take my place for a night (just on the show, not for any of the nekkid stuff…although this is really my wife’s call).  SO if you’re interested in guest hosting here is what you have to do:

Create a video and tell us about it.

Your video can tell us why you think you’d make a good guest host, or it can be your best impression of my wife and or me.  Just post the video and and tell us where we can find it.  Keep in mind that we are in Los Angeles and we have no travel budget.  Our guest host will probably be local or wealthy but we’re putting together a prize package for the best out of town entry.  You have until March 25th to submit your video to so get to work.

Thanks to everyone who watched joined us live.  As always, we appreciate you choosing to spend some time with us.  We’ll see you next week.



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7 responses to “We Need a Guest Host – Will It Be You?

  1. Bentoboxx

    I am totally getting my camera ready. I wanna be the guest host!

  2. Too bad your not recording when your visiting, I’d guest host.

  3. TheOtherWill

    If ya got time drop me a line,would love to see ya.

  4. BETHEBOY… This is GloZell… I met you at the Tavern Sunday… I loved your stories and I would be the perfect C0-host while your wife is out of town… just let me know when

    I am hoping to win a midget…lol


  5. GloZell, he’s the one out of town – the person who will be co-hosting will be co-hosting with me!

  6. oslowe

    I might have to do this. If I can figure out how to work a camera. I figure a) I live close b) my name is also Will c) I also like gin

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