Things Have Changed

There are only a handful of things I can say are absolute certainties in my life and for the last two decades one of those things has been this:

I do not eat seafood.

When I say no seafood I mean it.  No fish, no shrimp, no lobster no nothing.  I just don’t like anything about seafood.  This hasn’t always been the case, I used to eat fish all the time but one day around 1985 I took a bite and something had changed; suddenly seafood seemed like the worst thing in the world and it has stayed that way ever since.

My wife is well aware of my anti seafood stance so I’m not sure which one of us was more surprised when, last night, as she was about to take a bite of her scallops I said:

“That looks good, can I try a bite?”

I took a bite, and it was delicious, so delicious in fact that I had a second bite.  After more than 20 years of avoiding seafood I was actually enjoying it.  This means one of two things is happening to me:

1- My palate is evolving to appreciate more refined tastes.


2- I reverting back to my 11 year old self.

If the first option is true I have a future of fancy meals and possibly top hats.

If the second option is true I will start reading Archie comics drinking chocolate milk again.

Either way, I don’t see how I can lose.



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18 responses to “Things Have Changed

  1. you know lobster isnt my favorite thing in the world and seafood is the only thing i eat. i was bought a maine lobster while on the east coast and could only deal with the claws. everything else was gross.

  2. This sounds a little like the first time I (a lifelong vegetarian) had sushi.

    “Honey, you should try this.”

    “I don’t know, it looks good, but…” [tiny nibble]

    [bigger nibble]

    [steal the entire thing]

  3. Lisa Potato

    I used to eat all seafood before culinary school. After you have to kill and clean something, you never want to eat it again. Lobsters are dirty and disgusting on the inside. Scallops aren’t that gross though so you can keep eating those!

  4. Scallops are awesome when they’re wellmade. I am a fan of scallops and little shrimps with pasta.

    This was excellent timing on your part, you know. I hear Lobsterfest is going on at Red Lobster now.

  5. I do not eat seafood.

    (words I live by)

    Congrats to you though!

  6. I see no reason you can’t drink chocolate milk in a top hat. And it takes some serious style to read Archie comics in a fancy restaurant. I’ve no doubt you could pull it off, though.

  7. I am now bringing an Archie comic book the next time we dine out. It’s cheaper than a top hat!

  8. NovySan

    Next stop, the Calamari Fajitas at Casablanca……

  9. I say take the best of both worlds and act as if both options are true. How can that possibly go wrong?

  10. I’ve read before that people’s palettes really do change, and they do so the average of every three years, so it’s always a good idea to try a little bit of something you used to not like every once in awhile.

  11. I’m very, very picky about seafood and will only touch a few select things. Growing up in a coastal town on the East Coast meant lots of seafood. Blergh.

    I recently tried a piece of some sort of fish that E badgered me into trying. I nearly barfed on the restaurant table. Good for you!

  12. I could never *not* eat seafood, but I grew up in Alaska and Seattle, where it’s fresh and yummy, and often caught by me.

  13. Elizabeth

    I do not like anything about seafood. People think I’m crazy so it’s good to hear there is someone else out there who understands.
    I have eaten a bacon-wrapped scallop. Wrapping bacon around it should have lessened my distaste, but it didn’t unfortunately.

  14. my wife doesn’t eat seafood, period. end of story…
    except blue claw crabs.

    no lobster, no fish, no shrimp, no king crabs, just blue claw crabs.

    I eat all kinds of seafood but of all of them, crabs are probably my least favorite. they are messy and too much work for too little meat. makes no sense to me but I still love her. my kids (4 and 9) both love all types of seafood including sushi.

  15. I was the same way with vegetables. Of course, all babies tend to ignore the fact that they are eating mushed green beans and carrots with some sort of artifically-flavored chicken baby food… but Momma says I used to eat veggies all the time, and then I just stopped.

    And stayed that way until about two years ago, when I was pretty much force-fed broccoli casserole. Now the whole “I refuse to eat vegetables” has changed to “I’ll eat most of them, but if you try to feed me Brussel Sprouts, I will punch you in the face.”

    That being said, I’m off to enjoy this Lobsterfest at Red Lobster, while wearing a top hat, reading Archie comics, and drinking muh chocolate milk.

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