Knockout Rock Parts 1-3

Yesterday, Jim from Media Loper and other fine publications was making a list of songs he has never tired of. While I can probably list 50 songs I expect to enjoy for the rest of my life  I was already thinking of another list at the time: Songs that made me stop everything so I could listen and then run out to buy the record.

Have you ever been in a bar, at a record store, on a date or in a car and suddenly a song comes on that you have never heard before?  Then, in the split second before you can tune it out or change the station the song catches you just right and you have to stop everything to take it all in?  When the song is ens there are only one thing on your mind: How do I make that song a part of my life?

These moments of surprise discoveries are always thrilling and it’s happened to me many times.  Here are the three examples I can recall of songs that came out of nowhere to knock me over.

The Fall – Kurious Orange – I’ve always liked The Fall more in theory than in practice but this song delivers on all of Mark E. Smith’s promises.  I first heard this while driving my old VW Jetta on Santa Monica Blvd while listening to KXLU.  Before the song ended I had made the right onto Highland and pulled into the tiny parking lot at Aron’s Records.  As soon as the DJ back listed the songs I got out of the car to buy it.

The Swell Maps – Spitfire Parade – This is one of those songs where I wondered how I lived my life without it.  I’m not sure where the Swell Maps had been hiding to that point but when I heard this song I felt like a missing piece of my brain had been found.

The Halo Benders – Virginia Reel Around the Fountain – I had already heard the (relatively) stripped down version of this song by Built To Spill but I didn’t know that Doug from Built to Spill also recorded it with Calvin Johnson on the last Halo Benders record until a year later.   This is the only time I’ve been knocked out by a song I already knew.

More on this topic another day.  I hope you hear something that knocks you out soon, maybe one of these songs will do it for you.



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3 responses to “Knockout Rock Parts 1-3

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  2. Tough category. But I think I have three.

    1. Stone Roses – “She Bangs The Drums” I heard this on the college radio station I had just left, and was immediately bowled over.

    2. Pete Yorn – “Life on a Chain” Just on a hunch, I stuck around to see him do this on Letterman, and instantly loved it.

    3. Secret Machines – “Nowhere Again.” Just for the heck of it, I started tivoing “Subterranean” on MTV2 a few years go, and I’ll fast-forward through it to see if I’m missing anything. Usually not. But occasionally, I’ll come across something like this, which just killed me, and still does.

  3. I’m noting this link so I watch these from home (not work) later and hope to make a list of my own!

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