About A Letter From A Reader

Over the weekend I received an email from Sarah over at Fire The Housewife with the following subject line: Here’s shit in OUR tub

You may be wondering why she would say this but my wife and I didn’t wonder at all.  Sarah was referring to something that happened almost two years ago.

Just a few days after we got married something went VERY wrong at our house.  I’ll keep it simple but it involved a bathtub and a mess.  We did what nerds do when we have a crisis…we video blogged it.   This was the first in a series of video blogs that later morphed into our weekly live show.  It’s interesting to see how things have changed in just two years.  Also, two years later it is still the most popular of all the videos we have posted.  If you’ve never seen it (or even if you have) take a few minutes and check it out.

As it turns out, Sarah at Fire The Housewife has been experiencing a similar problem, you can read about it here.  Hopefully her problem will be less of a mess.



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3 responses to “About A Letter From A Reader

  1. kim

    You guys are so freaking cute! (Will, you look about 11 years old!)

  2. Sherwood


    I thought of your “shit in the tub” story over Christmas. My wife and two kids were visiting my sister in law in Boulder Colorado. Rather than overwhelm her small house, we worked a deal with the neighbor across the street to rent his house. As it turns out the owner was a Denver millionare who doesn’t live in the house and normally doesn’t rent but owns the place as a second or third place to decorate with his art colection.

    The place was way too fancy for me and I was nervous as a cat about my kids breaking things. On the last day we put all the sheets and towels in the laundry. Ten minutes later there was a volcanic eruption in the tub, shower, toilet and sink of….. you guessed it shit!

    I was later to find out that the joints in the cast iron pipes are prone to leaking and attact roots which evenually fill vast sections of the pipe…which we filled with the waste of many Christmas dinners. The millionare rarely stayed in the house much less did laundry. Draining a full load from the washing machine was the last straw that caused a spill that rivaled Chernobyl. The horror of cleaning up that spill almost caused me to abandon my poor man’s shit and let the rich guy deal with it.

    In the end a prfessional roto Rooter guy with a Midieval looking machine came to the rescue calmly delt with it. I cleaned up the mess but I am left with a horrible immage from the Heart of Darkness. “Oh the horror…the horror”

  3. Paul M.

    Poop in the tub-Gross,yuck and disgusting.
    Who is your maintenance man Joe the plumber?

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