Happy Presidents Day From My Brother

Here in the US we are celebrating one of my favorite holiday, Presidents Day.  So I’d like to retell an old tale involving my family and the best of all federal holidays.

Our Presidents Day celebrations began the year my brother learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln at school.  After learning about these two men he made several leaps of logic that I will try to outline for you:

1- We get a day off of school to honor them so it must be their birthday.

2- If they share a birthday they must be brothers, possibly twins.

3- Since it is their birthday and they are too dead to celebrate, we should get a cake for them.

The only strange part of my brother’s idea was that he thought that having the same birthday made Washington and Lincoln brothers; he never explained this theory though and ever since it’s confused me because he and I are brothers and our birthdays are not on the same day.  Looking back on this it’s easy to laugh at his thought process but it turned out to be a stroke of genius on his part because our mom actually did get a cake that said “Happy Birthday Presidents” on it.

It might be a god time to revive this tradition.  we could each designate a historical figure’s birthday as a special day of celebration.  Think about it, we all get one more cake and maybe a present each year and we can pick anyone we want.

Anyway, we got the cake that year and for a few years afterward. Once the Presidents Day cake was finished my brother, sister, and I would vote on a bill banning bedtimes and my dad would sign it into law. Then after dad made a speech emancipating the pets, we’d shoot our fake guns and pass the root beer around. Happy birthday Mr. President!



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10 responses to “Happy Presidents Day From My Brother

  1. It’s because of stories like these that you seem to have the coolest parents.

  2. Hey…any excuse for cake, right?

  3. I’m definitely going to eat cake tonight. Your brother hatched a magnificent plan.

  4. Hey, that’s pretty cool. It’d be one way of getting people to actually give a crap about President’s Day.

  5. kim

    Can I still have cake seeing as I’m Canadian?

  6. Paul L.

    I nominate July 19 — the birthday of Elias Howe.

  7. billy joel



  8. betheboy

    What else did you expect from Billy Joel?

  9. kim

    A poorly written song?

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