Our Amazing Tomorrow

I have seen the future and it features ON/OFF switches on smokes.


No word on jet-packs yet.



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7 responses to “Our Amazing Tomorrow

  1. Paul L.

    Looks like capitalization rules are blown half to hell in the future too.

  2. betheboy

    Yeah but I was focusing on the positive trends in smoking technology.

  3. ty

    I heart giant, bolded, Times New Roman. Reminds me of the 90s.

  4. kim

    OH THANK GOD!!!!!
    The switch will make quitting substantially less difficult.

  5. The switch will make people smoke less. Think about it. How many times does one finish the cigarette just because they cost like $50 apiece now (ok, maybe I exaggerate just a little) and they don’t want half the stick to go to waste. Now they can just shut it off and put the rest back in their pocket for use at a later time. These people are geniuses. The refusal to follow standard rules of English on their sign is just to throw people off track.

  6. Those sound like they come with a definite cost per smoke increase.

  7. I’m just surprised they didn’t use “you’re cigarettes.”

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