I’ve Finally Given In

Over the past several weeks I’ve been tagged at least 25 times on Facebook to complete the 25 Random Things About me meme.  I have given up my resistance but I’m posting it here in order to avoid tagging anyone else.  I’m listing my facts in chronological order.  Here goes:

  1. I was born in Amityville, NY
  2. Last day of kindergarten I got in trouble for the following things:  Throwing a book out of the bus window, having matches and trying to start a fire.
  3. My parents split up when I was 6.  It was for the best and I was always okay with it.  I had a hard time understanding why other kids took divorce so hard.  Suck it up kids.
  4. The first video I recall seeing on MTV was Pat Benetar’s “You Better Run” which was the second video ever shown (although I saw it a few weeks after the channel debuted).
  5. While in the 3rd grade I was mistakenly added to the Jr. Math Team.
  6. Someone bought me an Return of the Jedi lunchbox in 1983.
  7. To This day I have never seen Return of the Jedi.
  8. I went to my first Mets game in June 1984.
  9. For a brief period in 1986 I delivered newspapers but I ditched it after realizing that $35 a week was not a lot of money.
  10. Guess who took up smoking in 1987?  Me.
  11. In 1989 I moved to Levittown, NY but was soon invited to leave the school I went to and returned to my hometown.
  12. I was told that I’d regret it if I didn’t go to the prom, so I went.  In retrospect I wish I had saved my money (no offense to my date, it just seemed like a waste).
  13. When I look back at the time I spent in high school, I wish I was friendlier and not so afraid of letting people in.
  14. Every moment of my college education was paid out of my own pocket.
  15. To pay for school I worked in: A record store, a day care center, a machine shot, a crap-mart and a toy store (not all at the same time).
  16. After college I lived in a studio apartment and worked in a bookstore.
  17. I moved to Los Angeles in 1999.
  18. At the end of 1999 I was engaged to someone.
  19. In 2000 I totaled a rental car in Missoula Montana.
  20. I was once told I was incapable of making good decisions.
  21. My favorite car ever was a 1990 VW Jetta.
  22. I was disproportionately thrilled about the re-release of Television’s Marquee Moon.
  23. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking.
  24. I wonder that less and less these days.
  25. Without a doubt I believe my life has never been better than it is today.


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9 responses to “I’ve Finally Given In

  1. Could your parents talk to my parents? My brother and I have wished for about 15 years that our parents would get divorced. My brother even went and found my dad a nice woman we thought he should date (my dad wouldn’t do it).

  2. ty

    I also had a 1990 Jetta. Black. Totally sweet. Hugged the on-ramp like nothing else.

  3. JoAnnAttison

    “I was once told I was incapable of making good decisions.”
    Was that said to you by one of our guidance counselors? Because I have serious doubts about those guys. All I remember about mine was gold chains & nasty grey chesthair. I couldn’t hear a WORD that guy was saying above that distraction.

  4. betheboy

    This was many years after the time I had a guidance counselor and at the time they may have been right.

  5. I keep getting tagged, but I’m still holding out.

  6. i only tagged you because nina tagged me so i thought you might too and i wanted to beat the punch. lol. but seriously since I made a list, everytime someone new tags me, i just tag them back on the one list i made. saves me loads of time.

  7. boski93

    You didn’t miss much with Jedi, just a bunch of Muppets.

  8. brighid

    You don’t have to tag people on facebook you know … but Im glad you posted this somewheres. Your blog is always awesome.

  9. Paul M.

    Too much information over the internet may
    not be a good thing, so watch out.

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